Invite-Only Blogger Beta

Google opts for its usual invite-only principle to generate buzz around the new version of Blogger (which has support for labels/categories along with other features). Yet, the advertised features look quite similar to WordPress.com and other free platforms. Probably not enough to make me switch.


Profiles and Comments

The main problem, now that my main blog is on WordPress, is that blogging systems often link comments with profiles on their own system. For instance, Blogger blogs (whether or not they're hosted on Blogspot) let you use your Blogger profile when you leave comments. Of course, you can also manually enter your info, bypassing the profile. But using the Blogger profile is just too convenient. Which means that people who click on my name in a Blogger comment will come here instead of going to Disparate. Which might explain why comments and links often remain within the same domain. Ah, well...