Post-Busters of the World, Unite!

Generations Around "Generation X" I really do see myself as a Post-Buster and don't feel much of a connection with "Baby Busters" who are, apparently, the real "Generation X" according to this demographic model. Of course, there's overlap and all sorts of things. But it appeals to me for reasons not so unknown. I identify real GenXer as those who were told there would be jobs and end up in a very difficult job market dominated by Boomers. We (Post-Busters) were told there wouldn't be jobs anyway so we should really focus our education on something that would give us an edge. Not a bad advice. An improvement over that is to say that flexibility and the capacity to reinvent oneself are key. Nowadays, not only can't we expect to work at the same job for our whole lives but we can in fact expect that we'll go from one thing to the next. Job stability is a thing of the past? Well, the thing that replaces it isn't too shabby. It's a bunch of people who practice multi-/inter-/polydisciplinarity either sequentially or in parallel. What's "wrong" with that? Probably a lot. But if we decide to surf the wave instead of fighting it (other fights are more likely to give the expected outcome), we might do what pleases us because we are pleased by what we do. Yeah, well, it all makes sense when the little voice in my head says it... ;-)


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